Handcrafted personalised cat collars

10 Dec

Handcrafted personalised cat collars

Daintypaws affordable personalised collars are a great way, along with a microchip, to keep your cat safe! Personalised collars offer identification for cats.

Our collars come in a range of colours and styles to suit all types of cats and kittens and are designed for quick release for safety. Best of all, each one is handcrafted and unique, made especially for your cat!

Mix and match styles, webbing colour, text colour AND buckle colour

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daintypaws personalised cat collars are back!

19 Nov

We’ve been gone for a fair few months, but we have returned! Offering you a great selection of personalised cat collars for your special furry feline family member.
Check out our range, we have something to suit every cat!
And what’s more – we have a new exciting style coming out soon. Watch this space!

daintypaws.co.uk for funky, fun and unique personalised cat collars


personalised cat collars

16 Feb

Daintypaws handcrafted personalised cat collars are unique.

They offer your special feline friend protection in the form of I.D. and come in a range of styles and colours to suit your individual pet.

Best of all, each one is handmade, especially for your cat!

Have a look at our range

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Winter sale continues on ALL personalised cat collars

26 Jan

Get 10% off all daintypaws personalised cat collars this winter. Mix and match styles and colours! Choose different text and buckle colours to suit your unique cat. Each collar is handcrafted especially for your special cat!

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Daintypaws  sell affordable a wide range of handcrafted safety personalised cat collars for all types of cats and kittens

Missing cat!

14 Jan

It is with great sadness, we report that our ‘resident’ stray cat, dubbed Buttons, has gone missing from the Heaton area of Bradford, West Yorkshire.

He came to the house just under a week ago and was fed early hours of the morning, and hasn’t been seen since!

He has never been away for two or three days at a time, and when he did turn up, he would have a new injury somewhere due to his constant territory war with other cats. We think he may have died in a fight, or was hit by a vehicle. We are hoping he isn’t locked in anywhere, and hope that he may have been taken in by someone, or taken to the vets by somebody perhaps.

Needless to say we are all quite upset, and wish that wherever he is, or whatever happened to him, he is at peace.

In memory of Buttons





Soft cat collars for sensitive cats

9 Jan

Does your cat dislike wearing cat collars? Is he or she prone to a raw neck when wearing one? Are they simply fussy?

If you haven’t tried one already, let us introduce to you our velvet cat collars.


Made from regal velvet, this collar is gentle on the skin/fur, and is great looking, small, soft and light, for cats who don’t like heavy or bulky collars. Suitable for indoor, delicate or extremely fussy cats.

Our velvet cat collars are perfect for those sensitive necks which are prone to becoming raw due to the rubbing effect of stiffer collars.

And it doesn’t end there. Personalise your collar with your choice of text printed onto the collar, so you can be sure your cat can be identified and as a result remain safer when out on the prowl.

Why not try our cotton cat collars while you are at it?

Light, airy, soft and comfy, the cotton collars are perfect for indoor cats who prefer soft and breathable collars. Perfect for fussy cats and hand dyed to create a unique, authentic look.

Have a look at our wide range of collars. All of our collars are lovingly handcrafted, made especially for your cat. No two collars are the same!


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http://www.daintypaws.co.uk Daintypaws  sell affordable a wide range of handcrafted safety personalised cat collars for all types of cats and kittens

10% off all personalised cat collars this winter

8 Jan

10% off all personaised cat collars this winter

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